Cost Accounting for Granite

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Terms of use

Terms of Use

The Customer is advised to check the devices and computers, software installed on their computers and connected services (such as Internet access connection) in relation to the access and use of services to make sure that they are compatible with the Software.

SMHN takes no responsibility for any failure to access or use the Software as a result of errors in network connection, hardware, other software installed on Customer's devices, including but not limited to hardware failure or incompatibility with the Software; incompatibility between the Software and other software installed and/or used by the Customer; Internet interruption connection or poor signal.

SMHN gives no warranty or representation that this Service is free from any virus, interruption, or failure; however, SMHN will perform maintenance of the Software to make sure that its operations meet its purposes.

SMHN commits that it has the right to use the Software as a service to supply to the Customer and that it strictly complies with regulations of intellectual property laws. 

By accepting to supply the Services to the Customer, SMHN agrees to grant the Customer the right to use the Software in compliance with the terms hereof during the Term of the Service. Except stated otherwise here above, no clause shall be understood as granting, assigning, or transferring any intellectual property right in the Software to the Customer, unless expressively specified in writing and approved by legal representatives of the Customer and SMHN.

It monitors all information related to business processes such as contracts, payment, sales, inventory, etc. The software is capable of linking to the data of the accounting software and inventory management software through users’ declaration and construction of processes

Business characteristics of granite & marble products are very complicated, the process of selling
is subject to many manual operations such as determining the length and width of the stone. Can determine
the area of stone to charge. Through 10 years of experience, we have conducted extensive and practical research
in large and small stone warehouses throughout Vietnam. Our company would like to introduce the product
"Accounting Software and Sales Cost Accounting for Granite & Marble"

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Simba software installation guide

Please double click setup icon for Simba package downloaded from the website.

Click "Next" to install. Or click "Cancel" to cancel the installation.


Click “I Agree” to continue the installation.


Click "Approve" to change the installation directory if you want to change. Then, click "Install" to continue the installation.


Wait a minute for the program to be installed.


When installation is completed, click "Complete" to finish the installation of Simba.


After installing the product, please run Simba icon in the desktop.

 NOTE: If there is font error when software installation is completed, proceed as follows:

 How to install Fonts


Download Video Installation Guide Fonts

Software log-in interface is shown below

  • Log-in name: SIMBA (default)
  • Password: None
  • Base unit: default value is “Trial Input”. If you want to view data, select “Sample Data” (sample data is available for viewing a report)

Software interface after logging in

If Fonts are not installed for whatever reason (Fonts cannot be read when software is run), you can install Fonts as follows: 
Go to default software installation directory: D:AsiasoftSIMBAFont, copy all Fonts in this folder, and then past them in Fonts folder in Windows (C: WindowsFonts)

When paste dialog box will appear to inform the content of this roughly fonts now available if you want to replace are not, choose yes or ok until done past windows fonts

Thank you very much for your trust and use of SIMBA software 

We'd like to wish you success